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Web Site and Other Clients

Listed below are examples of publicly accessible web design and/or web development applications developed by Focus on Software.  There are other browser-based applications developed by Focus on Software that are not publicly accessible and, therefore, not included in this list.  This page will be expanded in the near future to include desktop applications developed, programming languages used, and databases included.

Web Site Examples

LeTip Harrisburg Metro is a local chapter of LeTip International.  Members meet to share business leads to help other members grow their businesses.  Visit for more information.

JLD Property Management's site,, is designed to allow potential renters to locate properties quickly and to show property owners the value of JLD's services.  An employee-only accessible area allows property managers to download the latest version of over 300 documents for use at each property location.

Network Shopping Mall,, assists individuals in creating a second income, supporting a charity or organization, or starting a college fund for your children or grandchildren all by shopping on the internet and building a network.

IBM Retirees Association at allows IBM retirees to make donations to a variety of charities.

Our own site,, was developed using a content management system.  Focus on Software has several such systems to choose from.  Each allows content managers to add, edit, and delete content from a web site with no additional assistance from Focus on Software.

Access Programming and Database Development Clients

Beta Engineers

The Buck Company

George Boyer & Sons


Clark Distribution

Country Meadows

Hershey Medical Center


National Certified Testing Laboratories

PA Optometric Association

PA State Association of Township Supervisors

Raycom Electronics

Susquehanna Health System

York Imperial Plastics